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Finding a DJ: It's like marriage

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Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson, of DJ Felix Entertainment. (Contributed photo/Regional News)

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So, youíve decided to hire a DJ to provide the tunes at your wedding.

What youíll soon discover ó if you havenít already ó is that picking a DJ isnít as easy as a Google search.

There are many factors involved, and to help prospective newlyweds navigate the terrain more easily, we reached out to an area DJ.

Alex Johnson, of DJ Felix Entertainment, town of Geneva, answered some questions and offered some advice to couples seeking someone to keep the dance floor bumpiní during their big day.

Note: The following Q&A has been edited for brevity and clarity.

Reporter: Why hire a DJ to provide the entertainment for a wedding?

Alex Johnson: When considering hiring entertainment for your big day, you really have to decide on a budget and what style of music you and your family are into.

Taking into consideration of the people you are inviting to your wedding, everyone has different tastes and dance abilities.

DJs have a much larger (selection) of music styles and can accommodate a wide array of songs, as well to keep the floor packed for a longer period of time. Donít get me wrong, bands are a great live experience, but they become costly, take breaks.

DJs require no breaks and have a wide range of pricing, depending on the package that best suites your needs.

R: What is the most important thing for couples to know when they select a DJ?

AJ: Personality selection. You need a DJ who matches your personality. Itís like a marriage.

You need someone on the same page as you in order to have a flawless night of entertainment. Ratings ó you need someone with good, honest reviews ó and, of course, pricing. You get what you pay for, plain and simple.

R: What is the most common question you get from couples?

AJ: How much? Todayís couples are more worried about a price, versus your ratings and what you offer or even do for the night, and how we run the entire show.

Truth be told, you could offer them more lighting and more free stuff, but most brides and grooms donít even understand what they are getting already. What they do understand is that they are paying X amount of dollars for so many hours. They donít understand the work that it takes to run their production of a wedding. Thatís where the value comes in.

My answer to their questions is always the same ó let me explain my services first and answer any questions you may have about the services I offer first. This way you get an understanding of what your paying for.

R: Whatís the key ingredient to a successful wedding reception, from a DJís perspective?

AJ: Crowd interaction, and friends and family participation. We use an online wedding planner that allows guest to login and request music before the big day. This helps them feel more apart of the wedding, versus just coming and being at the wedding. This is key, because it allows us to be prepared for our night and music choices we make, versus us trying to read the crowd like back in the day.

Of course, we still read the crowd, but this gives us a huge advantage during the night.

Letís face it, without friends and family being there, who are we there to entertain?

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