Plan Your Event

Plan Your Event

BB’s Best custom event coordination will ensure your wedding day will run picture perfect.  The detailed planners will help you plan out your wedding day and through phone consultations a timeline of events will be created to ensure a flawless event.  BB’s Best is at the event venue before your 1st guest arrives and remains there until last guest leaves ensuring a fun and memorable day for all involved.


Use the following items to aid in your event planning with BB’s Best DJ Service.

Please complete the planner for your event and return to Bob Bieneman at BB’s Best DJ Service at least one week prior to the date of your event. You will have a phone consultation with Bob one week prior to the event date so every last detail will be finalized to insure everything will run smoothly.

Song List

BB’s Best is a full service DJ Service that has romantic wedding music as well as the traditional instrumental wedding ceremony music. The ceremony planner and phone consultation will assure the arrangement of every detail so your wedding ceremony will be an unforgettable event. In addition to the ceremony music, I also offer a lapel microphone to be used by the officiant of the ceremony, another lapel microphone to be used on the groom so the vows can be heard along with a third microphone to be used for any readings.


The link below is a list of my recommendations for your other wedding needs.

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